The photos and videos that we have were contributed by various Alumni members.  If you have photos from your NSER school years we would very much appreciate if you would share some of what you have.   Use our CONTACT page to let us know what you have and we can arrange to get copies from you.  We give full credit for any media that is contributed and it would give you a chance to share with your friends some of your NSER memories or your Alumni participation.

Photos of  Alumni events and celebrations.

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NSER class of 1961 reunion

In 2001 a reunion of all classes of NSER High school since 1951 (50 years) was held at the highschool.  Hundreds attended. It was a 4 day event and every class over the 50 years was represented.

If you have photos from this event we would like to get copies so we can add them to this collection.  Just use the Contact page on this site and you will hear from us quickly.

2005 Alumni Auction

2010 House Tour

2014 House Tour

2017 Fashion Show

2019 Fashion Show

2006 Alumni Auction

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2015 Tickets on Knife Set

2017 Fall Dinner

2009 Bake Sale

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2016 Home Coming

2018 Fashion Show

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2014 Fashion Show

2016 Father’s Day Basket

2019 Alumni Dance