Teacher Awards

Awards in this category shall available to any teacher at NSER high school to spend on an activity, program or item that will directly benefit his/her class or group of students. It is intended that funding will not be made where such funding is the normal responsibility of the School, School District, or Department of Education. It is the intent of these awards that preference will be given to applications that demonstrate innovation and creativity.

Deadline for applications
All applications for funding must be made not later than 4 weeks prior to the event, activity or purchase.

Categories of Awards
Teachers may apply for funding under one of the following two categories: The category must be checked during completion of the on-line application.

Category A – Funding for a teaching item
Funding for a teaching item that will be used by the teacher to improve learning for the students in his/her class or group of students.  Examples could be:

  • an aquarium,
  • tools for teaching orienteering,
  • a robot demonstration kit,
  • software that can help students master the creation of portfolios,
  • newsletters books, posters or magazines.
  • a teaching app for a tablet, smart board, or smart phone

Category B – Funding for an event or activity
Examples would be:

  • Attend a local workshop on sustainability
  • Travel or honorarium for a local expert to present to the class or group
  • Travel cost to hear a presentation by a science, math or other expert

The previous examples are only a very few of the possibilities. It is left to the teacher to determine what he/she would like to have considered for funding, seek his/her principal’s approval, and apply on line.

Evaluation of applications
All award evaluations will be made by the Alumni Educational Opportunities committee.

Available funds
The amount to be determined shall be in accordance with Article 6 of these By-laws. (Award funding relative to Association Finances)

Carry over of award funding
The association will carry forward unused funds for a period of three years, at which time all carry-over funds shall be returned to the general accounts of the Association.

Teacher Awards
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