Our Mission

The Alumni Association was organized in 1996 to help NSER students and to allow those interested in the school and the area to share ideas and meet old friends.

Anyone who has attended or worked at NSER at any time (not only graduates) are members of the association but may not be in the database. E-mail us your information and we will mail a  brochure.

Association Background

The Association was formed in the fall of 1996 to help NSER students.  The organization is run by an elected Executive and Board of Directors.  A number of committees such as Membership, Educational Opportunities, and Fund Raising help with the day to day activities of the association. 

All executive and board members volunteer their time at no cost to the association.  Anyone who has graduated, attended, taught or worked at the high school is automatically a member of the Association.  There are no association membership fees.  Currently the Association has over 3000  Alumni members in its database.

NSER graduation rings