NSER Alumni

Other NSER graduates have shared information on what they have done since graduation.  You can read these brief summaries after you Register and login.  If you wish to share some information about your studies, work or what ever, you can do that on the Home page.

To see NSER graduate updates you can register HERE.  One of the site admins will quickly activate your account and then you can Login at the top right of any page.  After you login you can access the Alumni Members Only area.  There is a Members Only link at the top of every page.


Every year graduates send us photos.  Most of these are in the Members only area, which you can see once you register and login.  If you have some photos that you would like to share with other Alumni members use the Contact page and we will arrange to get them from you and upload them for other graduates to see.


Class of 1974 (50th reunion , July 12th  2024)

NSER Graduates have accomplished some amazing things.  Every few months we feature an Alumnus that deserves recognition for their achievements, in their career, sports, academic study, family life or something similar.

If you have a friend, another family member, a co-worker or some other person that graduated from NSER that you think should be highlighted then contact us and we will work with you to do that.