School Project Awards


Awards in this category are based on applications received directly from the school administration to spend on items, activities or events, that will directly benefit the student body, or major portion thereof. Funding will not be made where such funding is the normal responsibility of the School, School District or the Department of Education. These awards are intended to help fund some extra things that normally go unfunded and that demonstrate innovation and creativity.

Deadline for applications
All applications for funding must be made not later than 4 weeks prior to the purchase. The automated application process must be completed and approved by the school principal.

Categories of awards
The school may apply for funding under one of the following two categories: The category must be checked during completion of the on-line application.

Category A
Funding to purchase any item that would benefit all students in the school, either now or in the future.
Some examples would be:

• a display for student activities, school events, awards etc.
• An award trophy, or some other form of recognition, that rewards achievement. The activity for which the award is given must be open to ALL student in the school. This might be a math, chess, oratory, art, design, “school spirit” or some similar competition
• food items for a “cultural food experience week”
• cost of organizing a “Veteran’s Recognition Day” such as newspaper ads, poster design and development, radio announcements, special newsletter to parents etc.
• subscriptions to on-line magazines
• software needed to enrich curriculum
• youth led projects to better the community or the environment

Category B
Funding for an activity or program that would allow the school to cover some cost toward having a presentation for the student body. Some examples might be:

• a motivational speaker
• cybercrime expert
• health and wellness professional
• cultural awareness facilitator
• leader in sustainability.
• published writer
• accomplished artist
• simulcast

The Category examples are just that. It is left to the school to determine what it would like to be considered for funding and then apply on-line.

Evaluation of applications
All award evaluations will be made by the Alumni Educational Opportunities committee.

Available funds
The amount to be determined shall be in accordance with Article 6 of the By-laws. (Award funding relative to Association Finances)

Carry over of award funding
The Association will carry forward unused funds for a period of three years, at which time all carry-over funds shall be returned to the general accounts of the Association.

Application for funding
All requests for Educational Opportunities Awards must be made through the Alumni On-line Scholarship and Awards Application System, which can be accessed HERE. Verbal or other requests for funding, not made through this system, will not be considered for possible Educational Awards.

School Project Awards
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