High school Alumni, alumni reunions and simple contact with high school friends are a cherished tradition. They offer graduates, students and staff the chance to reconnect with old friends, reminisce about their school days, and celebrate their achievements since graduation. Behind the scenes, there are often individuals who work tirelessly to make Alumni Associations a reality, and Morlan Silliker is one of those individuals.

Morlan, a graduate of the class of 2018, has taken on the task of designing and implementing an email Newsletter for the Alumni. She is making it possible for graduates, students and staff to stay informed. Her marketing and design skills are much appreciated by our Association. Morlan has a background in computers and is a graduate of NBCC-Miramichi in the field of Marketing. She is currently employed with the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association.

An Alumni Newsletter is a way for us to keep Alumni members informed about upcoming events, sharing news about fellow alumni, and facilitating registration for reunions and other alumni-related activities.

Morlan will:

  • designs our newsletters
  • produce the newsletter with an our on-line email distribution system
  • perform our newsletter distribution
  • analyze the results of each newsletter delivery and
  • offer suggestions and ideas on how to improve our Newsletter delivery to Alumni members

NSER Alumni is a testament to the enduring friendships and shared memories that define our high school experience at NSER. Morlan’s work in our Alumni Newsletter and email marketing helps us kept those memories alive, and perhaps help us to create new ones, bringing together alumni from different corners of the community and other areas of Canada.

We wanted to recognize Morlan’s valuable contribution to our high school alumni community, and we extend our gratitude for here willingness to help.

She is making a difference in keeping our alumni connected and engaged, and for that, she deserves our appreciation and recognition. Our small alumni community group would not be possible without the help of individuals like her.

We are looking forward to a an Alumni Newsletter that members will appreciate receiving and perhaps offer to help us make it even better.

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